Air Cooler

# Energy Saving Our Air Cooler Consumes only 200W compared to 500w for Air Conditioner!  
# Dual Cylinder  - Our Air Cooler built-in 2 Cylinder to Double the Air Deliveries for Faster Cooling!
# Infused Ionizer Technologies Our Air Cooler Can Purify and Deodourize Indoor Air with ití»s built-in Infused Ionizer Technologies.  
# 3 Modes Our Air Cooler comes with Normal Mode for normal fan usage, Cool Mode for cooling, and Sleep Mode for uninterrupted sleep!  
# Smart Screen Panel Our Air Cooler allows you to control every setting with just a press of a button!  At the same time, allows you to check the current room temperature!  
# High-Efficiency Cooling Pad Our Air Cooler can Quickly Cool Your Rooms Down with its high-quality honeycomb cooling pad!
# 30L Water Tank Our Air Cooler can operate up to 15hours  with a full 30L tank! It Consumes 2L only / Hour .
# Our Air Cooler is fully certified by internationally recognized certification bodies and fully complies with the Malaysian Standard for Household Appliances. (SIRIM & MS Standard)

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